Is Stevia a Good Substitute for sugar?


Stevia is a natural sweetener that is derived from a shrub native to the North and South Americas. It is a sweetener that has been used for centuries by the natives. Even in India, the shrub has been famous as ‘Sweet Tulsi’ and has been used to bring sweetness to Tea, Coffee, and Indian sweets.

What are the factors that make Stevia a better sweetener than the actual sugar and artificial sweeteners that have flooded the market? Below are the facts that can help you understand better on how Stevia is better than the rest.

Stevia is a plant-based sweetener and not created in a laboratory. Meaning, Stevia powder or Stevia Whole Dry Leaves are natural and have no chemicals added to them to make them sweeter. The sweetness that Stevia is known for is its own.
Since Stevia is great at bringing sweetness to our lives, it is used extensively in beverages. CocaCola Life and Sprite Green have Stevia to thank for their sweetness. Since Stevia is natural, they are labelled as “Contains no artificial sweeteners”.

While there are numerous low-calorie sweeteners in the market, they all have a bad reputation. Usage of low-calorie artificial sweeteners has (studies) increased cravings, obesity, diabetes, and gut imbalances.

Negative effects like these can stop a person from choosing a low-calorie sweetener. But, Stevia is not like other ordinary sweeteners. It doesn’t give you cravings and will not increase your appetite. Stevia is so good that it is perfect for your keto diet.

The FDA has given GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status for Stevia (one of the only two sweeteners) when used as an ingredient.
To receive this designation, Stevia had to be peer-reviewed researched and data collected regarding its safety when consumed as suggested. No other low-calorie sweetener (other than monk fruit) has received this designation.

Japanese people are known for their health-conscious way of life. For the past 50 years, Japan has condemned and banned artificial sweeteners. So, if Stevia is the only sweetener that is allowed for sale in Japan, it sure is healthy!

Research suggests that Stevia may assist in controlling the blood glucose level following a meal and improve insulin response. Stevia is considered safe for diabetic patients and many have attested to the additional health benefits that Stevia can bring in.

Ecoheal has always believed in bringing the best of nature to your kitchen shelf. With Stevia, we aim to add sweetness to your life without any side effects. Try the all-natural product today.
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