Is stevia Safe for kids? this is one of the FAQ among the parents’ because kids love sweetness. No child has ever said no to a Jalebi or ladoo. They love it so much that it’s bad for them.

Unless consumed within moderation, it may lead to tooth decay, early diabetes, obesity and other health concerns.

But reducing the sweetness and giving artificial sweeteners to your child can seem a tad bit difficult. Stevia helps you through it all! Stevia is natural, hence has no added chemicals. Stevia is calorie-free, which means that stevia does not increase your weight and helps keep your weight in check.

Is stevia safe children? Can stevia cause cancer? Is stevia one of the safe sweeteners for babies? Is stevia handed down from the gods? While these questions are really what the world asks, a few does raise our eyebrows.

Not the one about god but the one about stevia being a carcinogen.

We will answer a few questions regarding this in this blog for you to remove your doubts.


Is stevia safe children?
Stevia is just a leaf that happens to be sweet and have various health benefits. It is not lab-grown like the rest of the artificial sweeteners that have flooded the markets. The naturally-occurring stevia has no adverse effects on teeth health and it even protects your child’s teeth.

Can Stevia cause cancer to kids?
NO! Stevia is perfectly safe! U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have certified Stevia safe for use. Through scientific research and cancer studies, Stevia is labelled safe for consumption and does not cause cancer.

Can Stevia help reduce chances of diabetes in children?
Replacing sugar with Stevia in drinks and foods can stabilise blood sugar levels. It can also reduce the calorie consumed and helps reduce the chances of childhood obesity.

Have a sugar craving child in your home? Give them a small piece of Stevia leaf to snack on. It satisfies the sweet-tooths without any side-effects.

Understanding more about what you include in your daily diet is the best way to a healthy diet.

Learn more about stevia and its benefits in our blog, and be rid of false information.

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