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Virgin Coconut Oil and Coffee – A healthy start to your day


Virgin Coconut Oil has become the jack of all trades and is now being lauded for being very beneficial when added to coffee. Any truth? Lots!

Almost everyone in the world, especially Millenials, LOVE their coffee. It’s natural. To inhale the wisps of aromatic steam as you wake yourself up to a beautiful morning is something many look forward to.

Virgin Coconut Oil is distinctive from other oils as it contains saturated fat – a fat that is good for you. Just like in an old cop movie with good cops and bad cops, there are good fats and bad fats. However, Virgin Coconut Oil contains MCTs (medium-chain triacylglycerols) that are associated with weight loss.

The ketogenic diet that has the world by storm. Thanks to being a ketogenic (high-fat, very-low-carb) friendly diet, Virgin Coconut Oil helps you reach and maintain ketosis – the state where the body uses ketones.

The benefits can make you go ‘WOW!’.

The Perfect Blend?
Caffeine wakes you up. It is a stimulant that gives you the perfect boost of energy that everyone longs for in the mornings. But Virgin Coconut Oil delivers a much different energy boost – metabolic boost. The fatty acids in Virgin Coconut Oil get absorbed significantly quicker.

The fats in Virgin Coconut Oil jump the queue and get turned into fuel for your body. Also, the ketones in coconut oil can promote mental attentiveness.

Lose Weight Like a King!
Coffee and Virgin Coconut Oil are both known for promoting weight loss. When by itself, coffee can raise the metabolism rate to 4 percentage and promote calorie burn! Virgin Coconut Oil, when had in the morning can help you decrease appetite without making you tired and starving.

How to create the perfect drink?
Adding Virgin Coconut Oil to your daily cup of coffee is easy peasy. All you have to do is add 2 tablespoons (28 grams) of Virgin Coconut Oil to your hot coffee and stir it thoroughly to ensure that the oil incorporates well.

You can also add the coffee and the Virgin Coconut Oil to your blender and mix away! It can give you a fluffy, tasty texture with a smooth aftertaste.

But jumping too fast into a running train is never recommended. Always work your way up to what you can handle. By starting small, you can accept the flavour of coffee and Virgin Coconut Oil and grow to appreciate the fine taste. Jumping headfirst can make the whole experience inferior.

If you are thinking of taking up the tasty route to health or following a ketogenic diet, adding Virgin Coconut Oil is the best way to increase your consumption. Buy 100% pure Virgin Coconut Oil from us. Our products are available on Amazon and Flipkart.

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