Stevia has many medicinal benefits. To just name few – it has no Neurological or renal side effects that are generally associated with artificial sweeteners, Zero Calorie hence Zero Compromise, Zero Glycemic Index hence no effect on blood sugar levels, Zero Carbohydrates hence Zero Worry, Zero Gluten hence sure and safe health.

It features medicinal values that include: Anti-Oxidant, Anti-microbial, Non-toxic, Non-mutagenic, Non-carcinogenic etc. It acts as digestive tonic, relieves upset Stomach, strengthens blood vessels, improves blood coagulation, helps in cell regeneration, dental health preventing dental cavities, helps in improving skin tone and reduces dandruff. It also contains several vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, A, Zinc etc.

Recent scientific trials firmly establishes beyond doubt, that this Sweet-¬Leaf herb has many health beneficiaries as it is derived from Phytochemical compounds that help to control blood sugar, cholesterol levels and blood pressure in addition to its use as natural sweetener. Stevia has drawn its attention from people with lifestyle disorders and health consciousness throughout the planet by the rise in demand for low-calorie, healthy and natural food alternatives.

We intend to meet the growing demand for alternate natural, zero calories, and zero carbohydrates sweetener market through large scale cultivation, processing, formulation of Stevia and retail products.