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Food Heals: Great food to enjoy great health

COVID – 19 or the Coronavirus has the whole world running in circles.

When this article was being written, the virus has claimed over 2.5 lakh lives and continues to play the reaper.

With countries like the USA, Spain, Italy and France reporting death rates that make even the coldhearted weep, and no vaccine available, there are a few things every individual can do to make humanity safe from the virus.

Maks, Sanitizers, Social Distancing and the good old Soap and Water are the superpowers that can help us from the virus that looms over us like a thunderstorm ready to burst.

With mask-adorned healthcare workers and necessary workers doing their jobs like superheroes on a mission, it is up to us to our part.

But how do we do our part?

Our main shield to fight this pandemic is something that has always been by our side. Soap and water! But what is our weapon? Our immunity!

Yes! Our immunity is the very first line of defence against harmful bacteria and viruses that enter our body.

Ever wondered why some people fall sick way too often? It is because of their weak immune system.

So, keeping your immunity power topped is essential.

How to keep your immunity strong?

From good sleep to a less stressful life, there are numerous ways to get your immunity in its best form. But the main aid is the food you eat.

A balanced diet with the right immuno-boosting ingredients can skyrocket your immunity, unlike anything.

The best ways to prevent the flu, common cold and infections is to improve your gut and strengthen the immune system. So how does one do that?

    Yes, garlic can not only ward off vampires, but it can also even fight infections. It has been lauded by civilisations across the world in its ability to fight infections. The high concentration of sulfur-containing compounds such as allicin in garlic gives it the immune-boosting properties.


    Nutrients are essential to our body. They help drive an efficient immune response against infections. Adding citrus fruits, basil leaves, neem and moringa to your plate can help improve your body’s immunity.


    We have been cheering for coconut oil and its for good reason. Virgin Coconut Oil contains lauric acid and caprylic acid, which are highly essential to increase the immunity system. These acids can undoubtedly challenge and attack the bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases. You can order from here


    Ginger is loved by the world because of its unique taste and the health benefits that they present. It can reduce sore throat and inflammatory illnesses and can help nausea too.

While we discussed what to add in our diet, here’s something that you should definitely avoid: Table sugar! Yes, an increase in intake of table sugar can suppress your immune system. You can avoid table sugar and use nature’s very own sweetener and enjoy the health benefits that come with it.

Stay safe. Eat well. Stay Healthy!

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