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Ultimate Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil For Baby

Newborns and babies are delicate and soft bundles of joy. They deserve to be pampered and indulged like Kings. They have soft and tender skin that makes them vulnerable to the ever-changing environment they reside in. Their immunity is low and is sensitive to various kinds of infections, illnesses and infections. If you have a baby, then you should read this blog to know the ultimate benefits of virgin coconut oil for baby.

The market is flooded with products for babies. And every packaging seems to voice that they are specially made for the sensitive skin of babies. Although that may be their marketing team talking, they may be a serious threat to the health of babies’ skin.

The artificial colours, mineral oils and added fragrance could make newborns and babies upset and create unrest for them.

Hence, it is very important to choose the right product. Opting for a chemical-free organic and natural product that has been used by generations is a great way to go about it.

Products that are natural, devoid of chemicals and preservatives will be more pleasing to the skin of babies.

Virgin coconut oil, unlike other oils, is perfect for newborns and babies. With NO preservatives, NO chemicals, NO added aromas, Virgin coconut oil is perfectly safe for the skin and hair of babies. It is pure magic.

Cradle cap is a skin condition that affects the scalp of newborns. It is usually found during the early weeks of birth. The flaky scalp resembles died dandruff but isn’t so. It is prominently found where the baby’s head touches the cradle’s wall.

Massage some Virgin coconut oil on the newborn’s scalp. Let it stay on for about 20 minutes or so. Then, with a baby comb or hairbrush with soft bristles, brush off those flakes. Once brushed off, rinse the newborn with lukewarm water.

Diapers are now a thing, even in the remotest of places. They are very helpful to the parents but could cause some discomfort for the babies. Due to dampness caused by frequent urination, almost every baby suffers from diaper rashes. It is found in the groin area and can spread if left untreated.

Virgin Coconut Oil acts as a check and prevents irritation caused by these rashes. It nourishes and moisturises the skin to treats these rashes. Because VCO is a natural product without any colours, chemicals or added fragrances, it does not ruin cloth nappies.

Newborns have soft, silky hair that can turn into an unmanageable mess. It can make combing your baby’s hair a chore and add to your worries.

Virgin Coconut Oil is really great for hair and can untangle the mess of a hair. All you have to do is wet your baby’s hair and evenly apply a bit of oil on the hair. Combing and then washing it off will help get manageable silky smooth hair in no time.

As your baby grows, so does your baby’s teeth. It can cause severe discomfort and pain to the newborn. Teething is a very important part that deserves your undivided attention.

The natural antioxidants and impressive anti-inflammatory properties of Virgin Coconut Oil can help reduce this pain and discomfort. Rubbing a few drops of Virgin Coconut Oil on the gums of teething babies help control teething pain and gum inflammation.

It doesn’t matter how protective and careful you can be; an insect could get past you. A mosquito or an ant can bite your baby and leave a red area on the skin.

The antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties of Virgin Coconut Oil can soothe this pain and reduce the redness and itching. It can reduce any chances of infection and can bring down the swelling.

There are probably 100 more benefits that a baby can enjoy from Virgin Coconut Oil. But jotting them down here would be cumbersome.

But, there’s one benefit that many don’t realise – baby massage. Baby massage is for your newborn’s health. It can also help improve the bond that you share with your child. It is a very relaxing process, and the mild aroma of the Virgin Coconut Oil ensures that both the baby and the mother enjoys this therapeutic and calming exercise.
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May your child enjoy a happy and healthy life ahead.

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