Stevia is more than a sweetener and throughout the earlier blogs that we have published, we have established just that. From helping you enjoy sweetness without consequences to being keto-friendly, Stevia has stolen the hearts of millions. But there is another one benefit of Stevia that has received very less attention. Stevia is great to keep your blood pressure under control!

Sugar is bad for health and blood pressure, period. It stimulates the release of insulin (the main fat-storing hormone in the human body) which acts on the kidneys and increases sodium reabsorption and fluid retention. This increases the risk of hypertension.

Numerous studies have shown that there is a positive relationship between blood pressure increase and intake of sugar. Hence reducing the amount of sugar intake can significantly help keep the blood pressure in check.

But cutting down on sweetness is not everyone’s cup of tea. A sudden removal of sugar or sweetness can cause hypertension than control it. So what can a normal person who enjoys sweetness do to escape from this? The answer is simple. Stevia.

According to a study published in the Brazilian Journal of Biology and Technology, Stevia has proven to lower the blood pressure in people who have been suffering from hypertension.

The result was observed over time and concluded that people who include Stevia in their daily diet has improved chances of controlling blood pressure and preventing hypertension.

You may drink a cup of Stevia sweetened tea on a daily basis to maintain and control your blood pressure levels and monitor the changes that happen. It can also lower your risk of heart disease and other health issues that ordinary table sugar brings to the table.

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